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Heyo! I'mFatimahHussain

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Builder. Entrepreneur. Changemaker.

Aside from my mango lassi addiction and spontaneous jigsaw puzzle-making, I love enduring entrepreneurial adventures.

I'm the founder and inventor of Perky 3D Prints and Unicorn Lock, a CAD and 3D printing-based business, BluWings Technologies LLC , an app development startup, and 2 Min Maths! , a Youtube platform dedicated to helping others enjoy math as much as I do.

From winning The Gold Presidential Service Award from Biden to hosting summer iOS development boot camps, I'm dedicated to serving my community with my greatest abilities.

I'm an outspoken person and love speaking about women's empowerment in STEM, having a strong mentality, and 3D printing and designing. I'm a 2x TEDx speaker (London + Bay Area) and am super pumped for more adventures ahead.

Since winning 1st place in USA's largest bioengineering competition and creating AI based computer vision models, I've learned that age doesn't determine success, hard work and perseverance do.

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Here's what I've been working on recently!

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What I Do!

CAD & 3D Printing

Being the founder of 2 CAD businesses, there's so much potential in this field, and it still keeps me in awe how a computerized sketch can evolve into a tangible object in a matter of hours.

iOS Development

Having developed several iOS apps and one published on the App Store (BlackJackPot Cards), I self-learnt iOS development and managed to host summer camps to teach middle schoolers how to code their own apps!

Public Speaking

From being a 2x TEDx speaker to speaking for world-renoun nonprofits and organizations, I've learned that one's voice can do wonders. I amplify my voice for topics I'm passionate about, such as mentality, women in STEM empowerment, and entrepeneurship.

Community Service

One of my main missions is to foster passionate communities. Groups of like-minded people who come together and innovate, build, and curate awesome things. From being a Director of Education for World Division Champion robotics team to hosting the largest children's business fair in the Bay Area, there's so much more to see.

Web Development

From directing nonprofit organizations in the technology sector to building this website, there's so many avenues to explore in the field of web development. And I'm excited to say that I'm currently doing so!

Content Creation

My love for video editing is fueled by my love for CAD, 3D printing, and really anything I'm passionate about! Content creation is a fantastic way of getting your thoughts and projects out to the world and gain some exposure! I have an accumulated 35k following and growing!

Get in Touch

Reach out to me if you're interested in collaborating further, or just for a coffee chat!

Write me!

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